Doggie Sweaters

The holidays are coming up soon and the weather is getting colder. With all the hustle to plan holiday dinners and finding the perfect gift for all of your friends and loved ones, don't forget about the ones who are always by your side loving you no matter what...your pet! Some people say that it's torture to animals to "force" them to wear clothing. However, I say that if they look cute, and they ain't complaining, why the heck not?? I stitched up these little sweaters here for the colder days (although they are few and far between here in AZ) which my little angels.


Baseball Birthday

I made this cake for a co-worker, Justin, even though he hates when we make a big deal out of his birthday, lol. He did chuckle a bit, though, when I brought out the cake and he saw that it was a baseball...he loves the Arizona Diamondbacks. Happy Birthday Justin!


My 2nd Wedding Cake

Made this for my coworker and friend Cyndi and her husband's wedding to remarry in the Mormon Temple. Three tiers of white cake with buttercream frosting and cream cheese with strawberries filling. Silk rose flowers cascading around the cake.