A "Manly Blanket" for a Manly Man

My finace requested a large blanket "big enough for a MAN! After about 14 skiens and 11 months later (he's very patient and we live in Phoenix so wasn't in a big hurry) I crocheted out a huge king size blanket perfect for lounging around (and cuddling) in. Enjoy Baby!


Reversable Halter Style Apron

I've been wanting to make an apron for long time but have been searching for the perfect pattern to do it with. I found it thanks to Tenth Muse Studios! You can check out the blog at http://www.tenthmusestudios.wordpress.com/. I simply loooove this pattern. It is a reversible apron styled like a halter dress to make you feel fun and flirty in the kitchen. I went straight for the heels the first time I put this on. :)