Please enjoy photos of accessories such as scarves and purses. If you would like to place an order, please submit your requests to with a very detailed description of your request.

Pricing varies upon design and will be discuss upon receipt of order but will be confirmed prior to commitment. 

Shipping IS available at an additional charge. 

If you have any general questions as well, please free to contact me:
Craft On!

Accessories Glossary

Frilly Scarves:

Peace Sign Shoulder Bag:

Twirly Scarf:

Mirror Scarf:

Solid Purple Purse:

Braided Scarf:

Large Crocheted Tote Bag w/ Rainbow Tie:

Large Crocheted Tote Bag w/ Rainbow Tie:

Crocheted Cupcake Purse:

Cashmere Breeze Crocheted Scarf:

Pink Awareness Purse:

Crocheted Flower Necklace:

Messenger Bag:

Shoulder Bag w/ Flowers:

Shoulder Bag w/ Bow:

Crocheted Beanie:

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