Kithen Towel Toppers

Every year I like to use one of my hobbies to make up some gifts for my co-workers, just to spread some Christmas cheer. This year I settled on kitchen towels with crocheted toppers for the ladies and home baked cookies for the men (men are too easy). I knew the theme in a few of the ladies' kitchens so I knew what type of towel to use, the rest I just sort of felt out. Each got a set of two coordinating towels. I searched through several patterns before I found one that I liked.

Braided Scarf

My sweet, sweet, sweet Mommy has made me a few scarves in my life time, and each time I wear one of them, I always think of her when I put them on. And then again through out the day when I get tons of compliments on them. I always brag how my mother made them for me and I wear them with pride and love. One particular scarf was a favorite of my managers and she had make a comment that she would like to order a replica of it from me...instead I whipped one up and gave it to her as a Christmas present. So now when I see her wear it, I'll think of Mommy again! :) Sorry it's not the best of pictures (I was lacking a model).